Welcome back, back to my loop again

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (CZ)


photos by Radek Dětinský

Exploring form and space: my creative endeavours focus on the complexity of form and spatial expression. The spiraling composition created by brushstrokes on canvas evokes movement, flow and depth. I seamlessly translated this method of spatial construction into an object, using intricately woven fabrics and threads instead of brushstrokes. Through this approach, a transparent body is born, a network that blurs the boundary between matter and space. The frame, made of branches, serves as the „skeleton“ of the sculpture, creating a dynamic interplay between the prefabricated wood and the organic elements. Symbolically simulating the stretching of a canvas, it references nature and evokes the artisanal traditions of fabrics. The spool, reminiscent of the initial stages of dyeing fabric in batik, symbolizes transformation – when the object unfolds into an image. this interplay creates a looping narrative, inviting introspection into one’s own artistic context. And the cycle of life in general.