Estou Aqui

The sculptural work entitled “ Estou aqui“ ( So I am here) deals with the deep themes of Vergilio Ferreira’s existential novel „Forever“. Inspired by Ferreira’s exploration of the meaning of life, cyclical existence, home and death, the sculpture resonates with the theme of the fair, likening the book fair to a bookstore rich in stories – a space where diverse stories take place and which offers readers glimpses into other worlds. Reflecting the cyclical nature of the novel and its spiral structure, the sculpture begins and ends with the evocative words „Forever. So here I am,“ which invites introspection on the viewers‘ own lives. The sculpture builds on previous artistic endeavours, visually fragmenting the form and reflecting the non-hierarchical interconnectedness of the world. The installation, resembling a wave embodying island nature, acts as a rare gem – a reminder that life, though sometimes oppressive, is a gift full of unfailing joy.

Estou Aqui {I am here]

group show at Teatro Baltazar Dias in Funchal (PT), 2024

textile, threads, pages from books,