Meta Euphoria

Diploma project
Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague (CZ)

The master’s project Meta Euphoria continues the theme of the
spiritual element in art. I deal with the topic from the perspective of visual studies. The text focuses mainly on the functions and abilities of the image, its uses and transformations. It deals mainly with civil forms of religiosity and its influence on painting. The thesis traces certain parallels between the medieval image and the digital image and analyses the influence of technological progress on the human psyche. It is about the influence of art on human beings. I draw on history and examples of contemporary artists.
The thesis covers topics such as: religious imagery, abstract art, digital media and spirituality in art. The aim of the thesis is to show that the question of spirituality in art is still open nowadays. I base this claim on a theological foundation. Thus, the practical outcome is a series of abstract paintings that deal with the perception of the image as such and are inspired by natural elements and feelings. However, their perception is up to the viewer, and this varies depending on individual experience.