I’m part of something, something is around me, something works

Solo show curated by Ekatarina Kačalová

at Rampa Gallery in Ústí nad Labem (CZ)


photos by Petr Kubač

What’s around you? Are you part of something? The young generation is moving in a world of conditioned of rules, frustration and drama. We think more about how things appear instead of what they are and how we’re able to communicate with each other about them. The third exhibition in the exhibition series OUTSIDE AND INSIDE by artist Tereza Sýkorová deals with the depiction of the principles of the world around us. System. Through her work, the artist reflects on the communication of reality and objects, looking for new possibilities in the generally communicative character of the work. What only appears and what really is? The space where her objects are located becomes part of it and a dialogue between detail and surface takes place, material and light. Her artistic realisations thus naturally transform into compositions outside formal representation, yet they are faithful to the pure language of artistic norms. In her new project, the artist has focused on the technical process of dyeing with batik. She guides the viewer through a space that is meant to make them slow down and then get them to question whether we can even consider real truth, where the boundaries between reality and fiction are. The main part of the object are made of fabric that is dyed with spirals. Cocoons then appear on a part of it, which is one of the first steps to achieve the coloured spiral. Each new step leads to the next, that carries the meaning of surprise, action and growth. What was meant to create a fusion of colors and things becomes a self-talk maximizing the space.
The exhibition can be described as an essay and an attempt to talk to the viewer through its own story.The textile object creates a kind of journey during which the viewer is forced to stop. A journey that consists of an escape into the inner world of the artist. It connects the world around us and the system where our desires and
dreams collide with the boundaries of space that society defines for us. It is on the deferents of the system that the exhibition focuses.

text by the curator Ekatarina Kačalová