Duo show by Tereza Příhodová Štětinová and Tereza Sýkorová curated by Lenka Štěpánková at Gallery 105 (Třeboň, CZ), 2022

photos by Adéla Zlámalová

The work of Tereza Příhodová Štětinová and Tereza Sýkorová is intertwined through the themes of their works. They often draw from Christian iconography, from the creations of natural peoples or directly from everyday objects. The title of the exhibition has a common denominator, Claire. Claire is a feminine name of French origin, in our country Clara or Jasna, and literally translated means „bright“. Claire is dedicated to self-care, seeking her own ideal of beauty, free from the normative constructs of society. She finds her femininity in different ways: through rituals, motherhood, self-healing, but also through loss and pain. She chooses her own path to brightness without losing any of her fragility. The attribute of St. Clare is the white lily, a flower symbolizing purity, emergence, growth and extinction. The brightness is reflected not only in the spiritual content of both artists‘ works, but also directly in the materials used, such as white marble and titanium white.

text by the curator and artist Lenka Štěpánková