Let go on everything

I used my time in residence at the Egon Schiele Art Center to develop a project called The Well. I enriched the project with more theory, created designs for more sculptures and realized one of them.
The project „The Well“ deals with interconnectedness at a time when we are confronted with diversity, globalization and world conflicts. Inspired by Slavic mythology, the symbolism of the well and the hydro-feminist thesis of Astrid Neimanis, the project explores water and creativity as a medium of connection and relates to the Earth as a common security for all inhabitants of the planet. It focuses on creating forms of world structure as a non-hierarchical network that emphasize the unity of global citizenship and collective empathy.

The practical part of the project deals with the creation of intermedia sculptures from sustainable materials in interdisciplinary collaboration.
Visually, I built on my own continuous work, inspired by childhood memories of Krumlov, and created a textile object called „Let go on everything“. I used recycled textile material, wire and thread to make the sculpture. I made a small performance with this object. I laid the piece in the Vltava River, which flows through the town. I was interested in how the water deforms, colours, washes out etc. the white object. The whole performance was documented in collaboration with Adéla Zlámalová. This led to other outputs, namely photographs expanding the existing archive, mapping the textile sculptures already created in various water sources and a short film. I continue to use the archive as a basis for further creations.

Let go on everything, March 2024, Art residency at the Egon Schiele Art Center

textile object in water, performance

photos by Adela Zlámalová